Looking Forward

Today I sat and listened as a brother in the Lord shared the story of his life with me, due to making arrangements to leave this world and transition into the next. I was moved by his journey, especially, how he responded to his lows of life. As I listened, I began to think about my life journey and how I have responded to lows of my life. This left me convicted and ashamed. This brother endured so much loss and hardship, yet was able, through it all, to embrace and hold on to hope and peace. I felt that peace comfort me as he shared his story. At that moment, the Holy Spirit reminded me of the words that Jesus spoke to his disciples that he would give “a peace that passes all understanding.” This means a peace that causes the world to scratch their heads in confusion, because it does not make sense. This man shared that others ask him how he can be so positive through all the pain. His answer? “I am looking forward to the city with foundations whose architect and builder is God.” “One day I will call that place home, a place where I will see my mom and dad and other loved ones that have gone on before me.” After hearing his narrative, I began to ponder my attitude, my worries, my troubles and my response to all of these. I am in need of change. I must remember that this life is temporary, along with the struggles and trials that it may bring. I must embrace the truth of heaven while walking through my journey of life. I must not allow the things of life to blur this reality. My challenge today is to hold on to the hope of eternity, to remember that this life is but a vapor, to look forward to the city, whose maker and builder is God.