Mission Statement

Our Mission
Our mission is to bring people to Christ, resulting in revival and changed lives, causing them to repent and to reach the lost one by one through: participation, relationships, unconditional love, and fiery commitment.


Five Core Values:

We exist to bring others to Jesus Christ.  This is the commandment given to the believers by the Lord Jesus Christ spoken in Matthew 28:19 “go therefore and make disciples”.  We will honor this by telling and inviting and offering an environment of love, acceptance, and hope.

Higher Praise Church will honor participation by becoming involved with activities and ministries of the church through avenues of tithes, volunteering, and offering of our services in any way that agrees with the mission of Higher Praise Church.  We will offer our time, prayers and energy to any function of the church.

We exist to have a relationship with others that are in our community and neighborhoods.  We honor this through community outreaches such as barbeques, home visits, food and gift donations, and through one on one encounters in our everyday lives.

We honor unconditional love by serving the Lord through unselfishly embracing the lost.  We show love by accepting others just as they are and encouraging them to live their life to the fullest potential in Christ.  We embrace the down and out, the bankrupt (both spiritually and morally).  We believe that unconditional love is an act of worship to Christ.  We invest in all of God’s people no matter the lifestyle they come from.

We honor commitment by having the attitude and the Spirit that aims for excellence.  We teach this principle through ministries such as: men’s ministry, women of divine destiny, children’s church, youth ministry (fusion) and intercessory prayer.  There is a high prize in Christ to be obtained and a steadfast spirit must be our character to obtain this prize.  This character is birthed through commitment that stands the trials and tests of life.  This is known to Higher Praise Church as fiery commitment.  This we believe is the substance that is able to take lives to a higher level in Christ.