(n.) the scent of rain on a dry earth

May 31, 2017.

John 15:16 New International Version (NIV)
You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit–fruit that will last–and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you.

My wife and I have an affinity with landscaping. To come to a place where disorder and obstructions exist or an area with bareness that lays open, offers my wife and I such an opportunity. We are able to look together and cast vision on what we are looking at. We are able to practice faith, imagining things that are not as though they are. We can create a plan and invest our time and energy with results. I love to be able to walk away from a once chaotic or barren area, full of value and substance. However, I have realized that the satisfaction gained from this is only seasonal. Once the racking, digging and planting is over the place must be maintained. This now flourishing area cannot be neglected or else it will return to it eroded state. Maintaining the area is crucial for continued growth. Making watering, de – weeding a priority will allow for more growth and make room for fuller life. This is where the Holy Spirit, breathed his message into my spirit. “You are also called to continue”. Jesus, reminded the disciples that he chose them to “bear fruit – that will remain”, This is our call as followers of Jesus. Bearing fruit for one season is one thing, but to continually bear fruit takes more than just a burst of energy on a nice day. It requires us to continue, to choose every day, passion, intention, and willingness. This is the conditions of growth, we must be constant. Being constant asks us to evaluate the value of spiritual growth, daily. To keep pulling, digging and watering our spiritual man daily. If we neglect to do this, it will not be long until life begins to wilt and weeds begin to grow choking out room for further growth. It will only be a matter of time before we look just like we did before the work began.

I believe God is speaking this to me, due to my tendency to neglect my spiritual growth. This, for me, happens when I get busy, tired or discouraged. Sometimes, I will intentionally avoid his presence due to knowing that I have neglected spiritual matters. I don’t want to walk by the landscaped area because I am afraid there may be weeds or wilted-dry areas that I have refused to nurture. However, God seems to know how to bring me back to the place where he began the work. He shows me, once again the passion I had for the vision when I first began, the commitment that I knew it would take to bring life and sustain it. This causes me to recommit, to get down on my knees and allow the work to continue. Gods desire for us to bring glory to his name. People take notice, when they witness, what was once dry dead and barren, suddenly flourish with life. They are drawn to beauty in a blemished world. They are then curious as to how, or what happen. They want to know how their chaotic, dry and bareness can be flowing with life and substance. We then are able to tell them, to show them, to dig with them.

Challenge for this week:
Revisit the dry- wilted, and barren condition you were in before Christ changed you. Allow God to ignite the passion, energy and commitment toward the vision that he birthed in you for your life and for others.