hpcsalina mobile app
We’ve created a mobile experience for members and attendees of Higher Praise Church! Our app connects you to Higher Praise Church to make it easy for you to sign up for events, opportunities to serving, and to make giving as simple as a click of a button. It also allows us to connect with you through sending notifications of happenings at Higher Praise Church.

Live Streaming!
Never miss service with our live streaming right from the app. When there are live events happening at Higher Praise a notification will be sent 15 minutes prior, to remind you.

Connect Cards
If you are new at Higher Praise, we want to hear from you and learn about your experience, just click on New Here and follow the connection.

Sermon Notes:
Follow the Sunday morning message through our sermon notes link. This is a good way to process the morning message and take time to apply to your life.

Audio Daily Devotionals
We have audio devotions for those on the move and need a spiritual pick-me-up.

Study Devotions:
For those who have more time and would like to study devotion through reading and scripture searching, study devotions are for you.

Giving and Order of Service!
As you know, giving is a big part of our Christian life. We know how busy and unpredictable our lives can be, and we may miss a service and an opportunity to give. As a way to help eliminate this Higher Praise Church has provided a way to give through the menu at the bottom of you App. Just click on give and the app will lead you the rest of the way.

Missed A Service? No Problem.
We have also provided a way for you to avoid missing a service. The hpcsalina app will have missed services available for you any time you want to watch them. You can experience the service in its entirety from the countdown to the closing.