The Higher Praise Church parking lot project is well underway. We have completed two of four phases of our “Pave the Way Parking Lot Project”.

At this point, we are currently in the process to meet the goal for our third phase of the four-phase parking lot project, to accomplish this, Higher Praise will be asking you to join us to help meet this goal. Our goal for 2021 will be to raise $50,000. We have currently raised $38,490. Praise God!

If you are interested in helping Higher Praise complete this project and have not been present for our prior campaign meetings, you can still give or release a faith pledge. This can be accomplished in one of three ways. You can give at the church, through our front office, during our times of operation, 10 AM – 2 PM Tuesday – Fridays, You can give online through this website by clicking on the GIVE link in the upper menu. When you give through our webpage, once you click on GIVE, you will be navigated to PUSH PAY and through PUSH PAY, you will find the fund field that contains options toward a ministry you would like to give. Just choose the Pave The Way option and the amount, and that’s it. The third way to give toward our “Pave The Way Project” is by downloading our “hpcsalina” App. You can find our app through the Apple App Store or by going to the Google Play Store, search for “hpcsalina”, and click download. On our app lower menu, click”Give” and follow the instruction for the online option mention above.