Higher Praise Church Life Groups are weekly home-based bible studies that emphasize biblical truth through everyday life. This is the reason why our Life Groups are themed around the family unit and hosted by one of our members of the church. We want to practice biblical living in a real-world environment. We believe that biblical living is learned at the church and is a practice in the family. We have structured our groups around traditional family roles and how each role can complete the biblical family while bringing the gospel to the world through:

  • Understanding who we are in Christ.
  • What He has called us to do.
  • How He has called us to do it.
  • Why He has called us in this world for a time as this.


“Gifts of the Spirit ” Tuesdays 1:30 PM – Currently on a break until September.


“Let’s Get Real”  Wednesday 7 PM – September 15 (church fellowship hall).